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In a highchart line chart, is it possible that, given two arrays A and B, to have B displayed after A?

eg: A = [11,22,13,4,7], B=[6,11,45,7]

to have A[0] at x=0, A[1] at x=1 ... B[0] at x=5, B[1] at x=6 ...?

If not, how can I have two styles (solid line and dashed) for the same set of data? essentially I want to build a chart of actual data and predictions and I want the predictions to appear in dashed lines


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Create two series of data - your A and B. Set the A line color the way you want it and then set the B line color in its fashion. Use dashStyle to set the dashes. See here:

series: [{
        name: 'A',
        color: '#0066FF',
        data: [...]
        name: 'B',
        color: '#FF0000',
        dashStyle: 'ShortDash',
        data: [...]

As to how to set up the points to start on the 5th xAxis location. Well, many ways to skin a cat here. But what I did was to pass in null values for the first 4 data points in B. Look at this example.

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but i need to position B after A. How do i do that? –  zaftcoAgeiha Aug 23 '12 at 20:51
Was editing answer to do just that =) –  wergeld Aug 23 '12 at 20:52

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