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I'm working on a system that passes data from a jquery-ui dialog (asp.net update panel, searching db and populating a gridview) to the 'main' page when the user selects a line in the gridview.

Some code:

Master JSs:

      $(document).ready(function () {
              autoOpen: false,
              draggable: false,
              modal: true,
              title: "Busca de pessoas na Base de Dados",
              closeOnEscape: true,
              width: 650,
              height: 350,
              open: function (type, data) {
      function showDialog(id) {
          $("#" + id).dialog("open");
      function closeDialog(id) {
          $("#" + id).dialog("close");
      var idCodigo, idNome;
      function armazenaIds(cod, nome) {
          //stores controls' IDs
          idCodigo = cod;
          idNome = nome;
      function preencheTextBoxes(botao) {
          //gets fields 0 and 1 (Person's ID and name) from the selected line
          var codigo = botao.parent().siblings()[0].textContent;
          var nome = botao.parent().siblings()[1].textContent;

'Main' page:

<asp:FormView ID="ContratoFormView" ... et cetera ...>
      <asp:TextBox ID="PSS_COD_PESSOATextBox" runat="server" 
          ReadOnly="True" /> 

      <asp:TextBox ID="PSS_NOMETextBox" runat="server" ReadOnly="True"></asp:TextBox>
      <%-- when user clicks the search button, a js function stores the ids of the two textboxes above --%>
      <input id="PesquisarButton" type="button" 
          style="border-style: none; background-image: url('Icons/Search24.png'); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-color: #FFFFFF; width: 24px; height: 24px;" 
          onclick="showDialog('PesquisaPessoas'); armazenaIds($(this).prev('input').prev('input').attr('id'),$(this).prev('input').attr('id'))" alt="Pesquisar" />
      <asp:HiddenField ID="CodigoPessoaHiddenField" runat="server" 
          ClientIDMode="Static" Value='<%# Bind("PSS_COD_PESSOA") %>' />
      <br />
      <asp:LinkButton ID="InsertButton" runat="server" CausesValidation="True" 
          CommandName="Insert" Text="Cadastrar" />
      &nbsp;<asp:LinkButton ID="InsertCancelButton" runat="server" 
          CausesValidation="False" CommandName="Cancel" Text="Cancelar" />

<div id="PesquisaPessoas">
    <uc1:PesquisaPessoas ID="PesquisaPessoas1" runat="server" />

'PesquisaPessoas' UserControl:

<asp:UpdatePanel ID="UpdatePanel1" runat="server">
        <h3>Escolha um dos campos para realizar a busca</h3>
        <div align="center">
        <asp:RadioButtonList ID="RadioButtonList1" runat="server" 
            <asp:ListItem Selected="True">Nome</asp:ListItem>
            <asp:ListItem>Data Nascimento</asp:ListItem>
        <br />

            <asp:TextBox ID="BuscaTextBox" runat="server" AutoPostBack="True" 
                ontextchanged="BuscaTextBox_TextChanged" Width="250px"></asp:TextBox>
            <asp:ImageButton ID="ImageButton1" runat="server" Height="16px" 
                ImageUrl="~/Icons/Search24.png" onclick="ImageButton1_Click" 
                Width="16px" />
        <br />
        <asp:GridView ID="BuscaPessoaGridView" runat="server" 
            AutoGenerateColumns="False" DataSourceID="PessoaDataSource" 
            Visible="False" HorizontalAlign="Center" CssClass="SemBordas" >
                <asp:BoundField DataField="PSS_COD_PESSOA" HeaderText="Código" 
                    SortExpression="PSS_COD_PESSOA" />
                <asp:BoundField DataField="PSS_NOME" HeaderText="Nome" 
                    SortExpression="PSS_NOME" />
                <asp:BoundField DataField="PSS_NUM_CPF" HeaderText="CPF" 
                    SortExpression="PSS_NUM_CPF" />
                <asp:BoundField DataField="PSS_DT_NASCIMENTO" DataFormatString="{0:dd/MM/yyyy}" 
                    HeaderText="Data Nasc." SortExpression="PSS_DT_NASCIMENTO" />
                <asp:BoundField DataField="PSS_SEXO" HeaderText="Sexo" 
                    SortExpression="PSS_SEXO" />
                <asp:BoundField DataField="PSS_NOME_MAE" HeaderText="Nome Mãe" 
                    SortExpression="PSS_NOME_MAE" />
                <asp:TemplateField HeaderText="Escolher" ShowHeader="False">
                        <asp:ImageButton ID="ImageButton1" runat="server" CausesValidation="False" CommandName="Select" 
                            ImageUrl="~/Icons/Checkmark.png" Text="OK"  
                            onclientclick="closeDialog('PesquisaPessoas'); preencheTextBoxes($(this)); return false;" />
                    <ControlStyle Height="24px" Width="24px" />
                    <ItemStyle HorizontalAlign="Center" />
                Nenhuma pessoa encontrada. Verifique se os dados foram digitados corretamente.
        <asp:ObjectDataSource ID="PessoaDataSource" runat="server" 
            SelectMethod="BuscaPessoaPorNome" TypeName="UniVendas.Controle.Fachada.Fachada">
                <asp:FormParameter FormField="BuscaTextBox" Name="nome" Type="String" />
        <asp:AsyncPostBackTrigger ControlID="ImageButton1" EventName="Click" />

ScriptManager is somewhere else in page. This code works well at Firefox and Chrome (both up to date).

In IE, textboxes in 'main' aren't filled by JS.

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Have you noticed any javascript errors thrown by IE? (in the developer tool, click console tab; any error are output) –  roland Aug 23 '12 at 20:29
No errors. And using console I can correctly retrieve the values of the vars idCodigo and idNome. –  Timoteo Brasil Aug 23 '12 at 21:09

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'playing' with JS console, I found that IE gets the text using innerText instead of textContent.

So, i've created a workaround to get the values correctly:

//if user uses IE:
if(navigator.userAgent.search("MSIE") != -1){
    codigo = botao.parent().siblings()[0].innerText;
    nome = botao.parent().siblings()[1].innerText;

    codigo = botao.parent().siblings()[0].textContent;
    nome = botao.parent().siblings()[1].textContent;
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