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I have a series of entries that need to be displayed as part of a Category Archive.

I did the code this way:

{exp:channel:category_archive channel="botanical_gardens" style="linear"}
        {if category_description}
        <a href="{garden_url}">{title}</a><br />

This works with the exception of the URL which ties into the site url. Since each of these entries link to outside sites, how do I write the code to get the correct URL?


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Custom fields can't be displayed within the Category Archive tag. Instead, you'll have to use the Channel Categories tag, and put a Channel Entries tag within it.

{exp:channel:categories channel="botanical_gardens" style="linear" disable="category_fields"}
     {if category_description}
    {exp:channel:entries channel="botanical_gardens" category="{category_id}" disable="member_data|pagination|categories"}
        <a href="{garden_url}">{title}</a><br />
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Derek, thank you for the perfect solution. –  fmz Aug 23 '12 at 22:09

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