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I built myself a new Perl module using Module::Starter, it has the following source code files in lib/:


I make two test cases in t/Bar.t that test Foo/Bar.pm. I ran:

perl Makefile.PL && make && make test

it shows that my 2 test cases are passed.

Bar.pm defines:

package Foo::Bar;

Spam.pm uses it in this way:

use Foo::Bar qw(fun);

Despite that test cases can find Foo::Bar no problem, however when I ran Spam.pm individually by perl Spam.pm, it reports that Foo::Bar cannot be found in @INC.

What am I doing wrong?

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<project root>/lib is generally not in your include path (your @INC setting). make test will include it (actually blib/lib), but to include it in a standalone program during module development you have to do one of

perl -Ilib lib/Spam.pm
PERL5LIB=lib perl lib/Spam.pm

Or install it (with make install), which will make the files available under a directory that is in your include path.

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The test programs run under a special environment that looks for the module under test in a different place. To use the module in a normal program you should install the module with make install.

But a module isn't meant for running directly. You don't say what's in your Spam.pm but it is unlikely to do anything useful if you just run it as a program.

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You never installed it. Do so by running

make install
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