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I am new to playframework.

So I have a class User with an object user and this is stored in another object called userInfo, and I want to pass this to the controller.

UserInfo userInfo = new UserInfo(user);
return redirect(routes.UserInfos.index(userInfo));

In my routes file, I clearly have

GET     /saveUserInfo      controllers.UserInfos.index(theUserInfo: UserInfo)

I keep getting an error that there is no type UserInfo. The routes seems to be a simple text file. How do I add UserInfo as a dependency for that controller.index ?

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Hmm.. I see your point but that should not be possible because routed action

`GET     /saveUserInfo      controllers.UserInfos.index(theUserInfo: UserInfo)`

would mean same that you are rendering page with url which has java object as parameter? that should be either JSON or something like Long type instead:

`GET     /saveUserInfo/:user_info_id      controllers.UserInfos.index(user_info_id: Long)`

But using that kind of Long it requires that it is already persisted to database so you could load it using Ebean or JPA at background to a view.

Got it? :)

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