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I am new to LLVM. I heard that clang supports CUDA. How do I compile CUDA using clang? Do I have to make some config changes or include any specific header files? I couldn't find any information on this on the web. Is it possible at all?

Right now when I try to compile a dummy cuda program with clang as

clang -I /usr/local/cuda/include 

I get the following error

 unknown type name '__global__'

 __global__ void nothing(int *A)

any help is appreciated! btw i am running it in a mac.

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The CUDA compiler is based on LLVM. Clang, though also based on LLVM, does not support CUDA.

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But then, how should I parse .cu file? No other tool? – username_4567 Jul 31 '13 at 13:23

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