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I am developing a multi-language user-interface in C# and have a problem with the Arabic language:

I inverted all the components of the UI, but I am not able to write the text from right to left. I am not sure whether it is possible or there is something related to the OS that allows to do that.

I am using some .resx files with a string table to store the texts in the different languages.

Is there a way to write RIGHT-TO-LEFT text on a non-arabic PC?

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Very unclear, don't forget to use (say) TextFormatFlags.RightToLeft – Hans Passant Aug 24 '12 at 13:27

The problem is your OS. You should install Arabic Language on Your System, then add it to your Keyboard/screen languages in the control panel.

How to do this depends on your OS version:

If you use Windows Seven or Vista:

If you use Windows XP:

For any older versions just do a quick search on Google.

Hope to be helpful

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