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Using OrmLite with android I have tried experimenting with a simple query:

GenericRawResults<String[]> results = queryRaw("SELECT * FROM transaction");

Unfortunately I recieve an exception:

near "transaction": syntax error: , while compiling: SELECT * FROM transaction

I found this confusing, and after stepping through and seeing what the Orm generates through compiled statements I realised the syntax should be:

GenericRawResults<String[]> results = queryRaw("SELECT * FROM `transaction`");

I am just slightly confused as to why this is required?

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"Transaction" is an SQLite3 keyword.

Relevant quotes from that page, up at the very very top:

The SQL standard specifies [...] keywords which may not be used as the names of tables [...]
If you want to use a keyword as a name, you need to quote it.

Documentation is your friend.*

* Except when it isn't. But in this case, it is.

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Curious downvote. – Dave Newton Aug 23 '12 at 21:33

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