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I'm trying to integrate PartCover.NET with NAnt and CruiseControl.NET I can run PartCover.NET browser without problems, but it does not work once I try to run it in an NAnt task (in my CCNET build).

There must be an issue with my NAnt target but I can't find it. Maybe someone had experienced the same issues in the past?.

    <target name="CoverageUnitTest" description="Code coverage of unit tests">
	<exec program="${PartCover.exe}">
		<arg value="--target=${NUnit.console}" />
		<arg value="--target-work-dir=${project.dir}\bin\${configuration}"/>
		<arg value="--target-args=${project}.dll" />
		<arg value="--output=C:\partcover.xml" />
		<arg value="--include=[*]*" />

In CruiseControl, I got the following error message: [exec] Invalid option '--target C:\NUnit\bin\nunit-console.exe'

Build Error: NAnt.Core.BuildException
External Program Failed: C:\PartCover\PartCover.exe (return code was -1)
in C:\ line: 20 col: 4

   at NAnt.Core.Tasks.ExternalProgramBase.ExecuteTask()
   at NAnt.Core.Tasks.ExecTask.ExecuteTask()
   at NAnt.Core.Task.Execute()
   at NAnt.Core.Target.Execute()
   at NAnt.Core.Project.Execute(String targetName, Boolean forceDependencies)
   at NAnt.Core.Project.Execute()
   at NAnt.Core.Project.Run()

thanks ! David

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I found the answers on how to integrate it thanks to the following blog post.… – davandries Aug 7 '09 at 18:46
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Replace = with space and use the &quot ; marker around the parameters for the arguments

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how you have solved this issue.. i am getting this error. I have tried using the above. but i am getting the error Cannot find target (nunit-console.exe). I have added the configuration in the NANT like this <arg value="--target &quot;nunit-console.exe&quot;" /> – nimi Jun 7 '11 at 11:17
Make sure that you have location of nunit-console.exe set in the path on the machine you run the script on. – Orn Kristjansson Jun 19 '11 at 16:06

As You may have noticed this task is rather complicated. It drove me to the edge of insanity but at last I got it running.

Here is some general advice:

  • use PartCover version 2.2 instead of 2.3 since the latter is a dev version that seems to be unstable.

  • remember to register PartCover.CorDriver.dll.

  • passing arguments is the hardest part if You need to quote paths. I finally decided to use a configuration file and pass it via --settings.

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using "<arg line=" instead of "<arg value=" works also – davandries Aug 7 '09 at 18:47
(+1) Register is a fundamental point, the error don't give no one clue about. – Custodio May 18 '10 at 19:47

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