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I'm having no issue getting the password expiration date in a pre-Windows 2008 domain envrionment. I'm able to get the default domain policy and get the password expiration date.

However, in 2008 and up they added a feature for Fine-Grain Password Policies. Essentially more than one password policy may be in effect for a specific user account.

Does anyone have any resources or sample code that takes into account these new FGPP and how I can incorporate them into my existing script?


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The easiest way is to look at the msDS-ResultantPSO constructed attribute on the specific user in question and get the DN of the password settings object that applies to the user. From there, you can look at the expiry setting on the PSO and combine it with the pwdLastSet value on the user.

If the msDS-ResultantPSO attribute is null on the user, then you should fall back to the domain password policy.

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