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Before today I was using /etc/vim/vimrc to configure my vim setup. Today I thought of creating .vimrc file. So, I used

touch .vimrc
cat /etc/vim/vimrc > .vimrc

So, now when I open any file with vim I get the following errors:

Error detected while processing /home/ronnie/.vimrc:
line   68:
E122: Function SplitColors already exists, add ! to replace it
line   77:
E122: Function ChangeColors already exists, add ! to replace it
line  171:
E174: Command already exists: add ! to replace it
line  174:
E174: Command already exists: add ! to replace it
Press ENTER or type command to continue

I have both /etc/vim/vimrc and .vimrc file located in my system. So, is this the reason I am getting this error because from now on I would like to use only .vimrc to configure my vim setup.

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You're defining functions that have the same name as some already defined. Adding an exclamation mark after function "overwrites" the previous definition, and in your case will stop the error message from showing.

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Why not add ! to your function definitions as suggested? it will make vim stop complaining.

Alternatively you could remove those definition from /etc/vim/vimrc

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The problem is that both /etc/vim/vimrc and .vimrc are sourced. This depends on several factors; see the details at :help .vimrc.

In general, the system-wide Vim config should reside in the former file, and your personal customizations in the latter. For single-user systems, there isn't much of a difference, but you did the right thing in moving the stuff into your home directory. Just delete the duplicate functions etc. from the former file, or remove it completely if you've moved everything to your .vimrc.

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This is the solution by example since most of the answers are correct above but they don't directly help you solve the problem. Areas of interest in bold.

" code with redefinition issues

function CloseDuplicateTabs() endfunction

command CloseDupTabs :call CloseDuplicateTabs()

" fixed code with overrides

function! CloseDuplicateTabs() endfunction

command! CloseDupTabs :call CloseDuplicateTabs()

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