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I have a table that I am stuffing demographic info into and then using dynamic sql to build a table from that. The demographic info comes from surveys and some of the surveys have checkboxes. With checkboxes people can select multiple values.

So I need to enter all the choices as a comma seperated list.

CREATE TABLE Demographics 
    ,userid NVARCHAR(50)
    ,question NVARCHAR(800)
    ,choice NVARCHAR(1000)
--'Insert checkbox (type 5)
INSERT INTO Demographics
FROM ResponseInfo ri --response details
JOIN Responses r ON ri.ResponseID = r.ResponseID --actual response
JOIN Questions q ON r.QID = q.QID --question info
JOIN AnswerChoices ac ON r.QID = ac.QID --answer choice text
WHERE (q.QuestionTypeID = 5 AND q.QID = ac.QID
AND r.IsOther = 0 
AND q.QID = 16
AND ri.userid IN (SELECT userid FROM @Users) AND r.Response = ac.Sequence
ORDER BY ri.userid
dynamic sql stuff
EXEC sp_exesql @sql

My results look like this:

users | question_15 | choice_15 | question_16     | choice_16 |
bill  | age?        | 37        | favorite color? | red       |
bill  | age?        | 37        | favorite color? | green     |

But it needs to be:

users | question_15 | choice_15 | question_16     | choice_16 |
bill  | age?        | 37        | favorite color? | red,green |    

I tried doing

,COALESCE(ac.Choice + ',','') + ac.Choice

It gave me

bill  | age?        | 37        | favorite color? | red,red   |

Can anyone help me sort this out?

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how many possible values can be for choice_16? –  arunmoezhi Aug 23 '12 at 21:44
In this case 8 I think. It is one of those "are you hispanic or not?" Oh well either way "click every ethnicity that applies to you". "Decline to answer" is always a choice. –  lazfish Aug 23 '12 at 21:51

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It looks like you are using SQL Server. If you're using a recentish version of SQL Server (e.g., SQL Server 2005 or later), you'd likely be better off storing your data as XML.

That lets you use XPATH/XQUERY in SQL to manipulate the XML data to get what you want. I think you'll find that easier to do.

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I am using 2005. –  lazfish Aug 23 '12 at 22:06
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Found this.

Very helpful. My code could probably use some cleaning up.

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