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This is a variation of "What's wrong with this regular expression containing math symbols? (Ruby/Rails)".

I can't understand why this scan followed by a gsub doesn't work on the plus sign (+). It also fails when the pattern contains other regex special characters like the asterisk (*), and the caret (^).

~ > irb
>> text = %(test √x+1 √x-1 √x×1 √/1)
=> "test √x+1 √x-1 √x×1 √/1"
>> radicals = text.scan(/√[^\s]*/)
=> ["√x+1", "√x-1", "√x×1", "√/1"]
>> radicals.each do |radical|
?>   text = text.gsub(/#{radical}/, 'hello')
>> end
=> ["√x+1", "√x-1", "√x×1", "√/1"]
>> text
=> "test √x+1 hello hello hello"

As you can see in the fifth line the scan finds the matching pattern with the plus sign (+), but when I try to perform the gsub on each of the results the pattern with the plus sign gets ignored. Any ideas on what's going on here?

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When you substitute strings into regexps with the /#{string}/ style, special characters (like +) don't get escaped. I expect you want to use:

radicals.each do |radical|
    text = text.gsub(/#{Regexp.escape(radical)}/, 'hello')

Hope this helps!

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Awesome. I had tried the escape, but in the wrong way. Thanks. BTW, if you post this as an answer to my other question I'll accept it there, too. –  Preacher Aug 23 '12 at 22:26
Glad that helped. I'll post to the other question in a minute... –  Xavier Holt Aug 23 '12 at 22:29
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