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I have a HUGE MSSQL database (nearly 120 gigs). That database contains 1371 tables. Only 3 of those tables are ones that I am concerned with for the moment.

Tables that I will be working with:

  1. Messages
  2. MessageUser
  3. User

Fields in the table "Messages" that I will be working with:

  • Subject
  • Body
  • FromMessageUserID
  • PriorityID

Messages.FromMessageuserID matches MessageUser.MessageUserID

Fields in the table "MessageUser" that I will be working with:

  • MessageUserID
  • UserID

    MessageUser.UserID matches User.UserID

Fields in the table "Users" that I will be working with:

  • UserID
  • Username

Right now I can run a query of: SELECT Subject, Body, FromMessageUserID, PriorityID FROM Messages

And get the results that are displayed as such:

Subject Body FromMessageUserID PriorityID

Sub1 Body1 1001 1

Sub2 Body2 1002 3

Sub3 Body3 1001 2

So I want to see who sent the message with "Sub3" as the subject.

I start by looking into the MessageUser table, I can see that MessageUserID of 1001 has a UserID of 10.

I then go to the Users table, and I can see that the UserID of 10 has the Username of "JohnDoe".

Is there any way for me to run a query, and have the returned results resemble this:

Subject Body FromMessageUserID PriorityID

Sub1 Body1 JohnDoe 1

Sub2 Body2 JaneDoe 3

Sub3 Body3 JohnDoe 2

I am not concerned with the PriorityID, as I know what the values (4 in total) are.

I am sure the proper way to go about this is with a JOIN or UNION, however I have never used them and every attempt I have made over the past few hours has failed.

Any advice?

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try this

SELECT m.Subject, m.Body, u.UserName,m.PriorityID FROM Messages m
inner join MessageUser mu on mu.MessageUserId = m.FromMessageUserID
inner join users u on mu.UserID = u.UserID
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That worked perfectly! Thank you :) – Jason H. Aug 23 '12 at 23:38

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