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I'm using Microsoft Speech API to load a grxml grammar:

Grammar grammar = new Grammar(file);
grammar.Enabled = true;

SpeechRecognitionEngine sre = GetEngine();

According to MSDN I do not find tag to match a wildcard / spoken text like:

<item>My message is {dicatation}</item>

It seems to be availalble with code with a DictationGrammar and appendDictation(). It's also available with WSRMacro XML using * but I do not how to do it in XML ?

The skip text but I need to recognize it.

Am I missing something ?

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If you're using the Kinect speech engine, you cannot use dictation at all; the engine simply doesn't support it.

For more details, you can look at my answer to this question.

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But in the C# API there is a DictationGrammar and WildcardGrammar. I could archive my goal if I "harcode" it. In fact I activate a Dictation grammar for som special case (even if it is bad I agree) –  Jean-Philippe Encausse Sep 25 '12 at 20:48
The C# API works with both the desktop engine and the server engine. The desktop engine supports DictationGrammar and WildcardGrammar; the server engine does not. –  Eric Brown Sep 25 '12 at 20:49

For my project SARAH

  • I load all XML grammar
  • Then I create a dictation grammar
  • Some user's action enable/disable the dictation mode

I know there should be a better way to do it since WSRMacro use '*' but I don"t know how to do it.

Might be a clue

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