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I am developing an application using codeigniter. In my application I want to calculate the time period of the contents stored in database. for example facebook displays the uploaded time in browser. is there any way to do this using codeigniter?

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You mean like storing the timestamp (at the time of input) and later displaying the elapsed time since that point? –  orourkek Aug 23 '12 at 23:14
yes orourkek. is there any way to do it using codeigniter? –  Mani Kandan Aug 23 '12 at 23:23

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I don't use codeigniter but I think you can do this, in your database you create a date/hour field and in your script you simply use your system date to know the difference in hours, days or whatever you want to use to display.

something like this :

function (diference) {
    //all your sql traitement
    $time_elapsed = $system_date - $your_sql_result
    echo $time_elapsed;

And you can even do this with an SQL line too.

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If you've got direct access to the database in question, add a TIMESTAMP column to the table which contains the data you'd like to associate with a time. Use the 'DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP' during table creation to have the new column store the time the data was initially inserted, and use the 'ON UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP' during table creation to have the column's timestamp automatically updated when the data gets modified. See here

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