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I'm trying to clean up some tangled legacy code in django. Vulture looks like a good bet, but it doesn't seem to know how to find view functions referenced from This isn't too surprising, since most of the functions are included as strings:

url(r'^some-url/$', 'my_app.views.some_url_view'),

Is there a simple way to make vulture aware of the view functions?

One thing I've got going for me: I've written fairly extensive tests for the code. Currently, vulture misses these tests, but if there were some way to make vulture aware of these tests, I think all the views would be included as well.

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Just a curiosity - can you link to vulture project? If it's possible. I somehow can't find it using Google. – Jure C. Aug 23 '12 at 23:46
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Try Ned's Batchelder coverage by itself or use it with nose.

Just run through the testcases, and coverage html will get you a beautiful reporting showing your code line by line, with detailed coverage information. Trim down/remove unused/untested code afterwards.

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