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I've got a sql script that creates tables, sets up triggers[1] and inserts data. The sql is used via the sqlite command line to create a database during the build of my application. Basically I have a table that whos rows must be unique based on three fields. I would like to automatically generate a hash or some form of unique ID based on the three fields to use as a primary key. My understanding is sqlite has no built in hashing functions. Is there an other means to generate a unique key based on the contents of three fields in a before insert trigger?

[1] This isn't happening yet as I don't know how to generate a unique key

The table looks something like this. I could use a primary key of the 3 fields (firstName, lastName, birthYear) but then I would have to use all three in each table I wanted to have a foreign key in. With the 3 fields being strings I imagine that it would be a lot more space and would slow things down.

create table (
  firstName VARCHAR,
  lastName  VARCHAR,
  birthYear CHAR(4)
  ... more fields ...
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In most cases, it is preferred that you use a single, auto-increment integer column as the primary key. Natural keys are then modeled adding a UNIQUE constraint:

  firstName VARCHAR,
  lastName  VARCHAR,
  birthYear CHAR(4)
  UNIQUE (firstName, lastName, birthYear)

This way, you can use the value of id as the foreign key for other tables, while the UNIQUE constraint prevents you from having duplicate records with the same natural key.

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This works to keep the fields unique and it gives me an ID to use but the id is not based on the 3 fields in question. For example if I create my database, then come back at a later time and add some more data and regenerate my database the IDs may be different between each run. – Justin808 Aug 24 '12 at 3:27
I am not sure whether I fully understand. So you mean you need the IDs to be reproducible? What would you be using them for? I am not very familiar with triggers, but at least for the foreign key problem the above solution should suffice. – cyroxx Aug 24 '12 at 11:01
Yeah, I'de like them to be reproducible. I create a database to send off in my app, but I need to be able to sync it with the users local cache during application updates. I need to make sure the keys don't clash. – Justin808 Aug 24 '12 at 16:59

Is it not sufficient to create a primary key from these three columns?

create table test(a int, b int, c int, primary key(a,b,c));
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ChrisB, I could but see my edit why I don't like this approach. – Justin808 Aug 24 '12 at 0:33
It sounds like you are building this database from a script external to sqlite. If so, how about generating a hash using a different command line program like md5sum? Then, just pass that to sqlite as a normal primary key – ChrisB Aug 24 '12 at 13:30

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