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I am having real problems with a new website, which I'm trying to configure in google webmaster tools. I keep getting the message 'Unreachable robots.txt' and google says it can't crawl my site as it can't reach the robots.txt file.

As you will see, the file exists and I have checked the server headers and they are returning status 200 for the file.

http:// www . top5beauty.co.uk / robots.txt (without the spaces)

Oddly, when I fetch http:// top5beauty.co.uk / robots.txt (no www) it finds it no problem, even though this actually redirects to www

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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And if you fetch www.top5beauty.co.uk/robots.txt what you get? the fetch for non www is fine because google gets 301 redirect. –  Menashe Avramov Aug 24 '12 at 1:07

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robots.txt can take up to 2 days to fetch, if you have just created the file, you need to wait :-)

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  1. You can do a "Fetch as Googlebot" test in your Webmaster tools to instantly see if any page/URL/file is reachable

  2. In you've set a "Disallow:" rule which blocks all access. If you want to be indexed, you should remove it ASAP.

  3. To learn more about robot.txt you should visit this official documentation and also, due to recent changes in Googlebot methods I would recommend reading a recent Googlebot post I`ve wrote on the subject.

BTW: As much as I like my post, I still think you should read Google's documentation 1st as it deal with most basic question :)


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