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Here is the partial form causing the Template error in rspec controller test:

<%= f.label :expense_for, '栏目:'%>
<%= :expense_for, { |expense| [expense, expense] }, {:include_blank => true, :selected => @expense.expense_for } %>

We use render_views in expenses controller test. Since @expense_for is nil in create test, so .map causes error:

       ←[31mundefined method `map' for nil:NilClass

The rspec code which causes the error above is:

get 'create', :expense => e, :expense_for => ['a','b']

In expenses controller, @expense_for is defined in new as:

  def new
    if has_create_right?
      @expense =[:expense], :as => :role_new)
      if @expense.expense_type == 'production'
        @expense_for = return_expense_for_production
      elsif @expense.expense_type == 'overhead'
        @expense_for = return_expense_for_overhead
        @expense_for = []

The @expense_for is filled up with ajax call.

How can I pass a value to @expense_for in partial form for rspec test? Thanks.

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if @expense_for is nil in your test, then has_create_right? is false, so @expense_for is never being set. Try setting @expense_for to [] at the beginning of the action, instead of in the else clause.

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Moved the @expense_for=[] to the top of method new and the error is the same. Is it because @expense_for is defined in method new and so it is nil in method create? In the rspec case, the has_create_right? is true. – user938363 Aug 24 '12 at 3:41
@expense_for = [] if @expense_for.nil? was put in method create and it solves the nil obj problem in rspec and case passed. – user938363 Aug 24 '12 at 4:08

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