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In my rails app, I have two layouts/controllers for different actions.

Eseentially, I match the root / to gateway#index, along with a few other pages such as /login and /register

The actual app once logged has its own sets of URLs, such as /dashboard /dashboard/action /explore etc.

Because of the pushstate with IE, the url changes to /#dashboard and loads the layout/JS for the gateway pages.

My rails controller for root has the following code, which is resulting in an endless loop in all versions of IE

if @current_user
  redirect_to '/dashboard/lists'

The following is the Backbone history initializer (coffeescript):

  pushState: true
  root: '/dashboard/'

Even with this setting, the application renders the gateway layout/JS not the application, and keeps the faulty URL the same (not setting the root to /dashboard).

How can I have IE load the application layout/JS/CSS while still having a different layout for the root?

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I was setting the root to an invalid route. I ended up doing the following:

  pushState: true
  root: '/app/'

And creating a route to a controller that used the application template.

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From the Backbone website:

For RESTful persistence, history support via Backbone.Router and DOM manipulation with Backbone.View, include json2.js, and either jQuery.

So have you included json2.js?

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