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My code is at http://jsfiddle.net/mannagod/QT3v5/7/.

The JS is:

function delay() {
    var INTENDED_MONTH = 7 //August
    // INTENDED_MONTH is zero-relative
    now = new Date().getDate(),
rows = document.getElementById('scripture').rows;
    if (new Date().getMonth() != INTENDED_MONTH) {
        // need a value here less than 1, 
        // or the box for the first of the month will be in Red
        now = 0.5
    for (var i = 0, rl = rows.length; i < rl; i++) {
        var cells = rows[i].childNodes;
        for (j = 0, cl = cells.length; j < cl; j++) {
            if (cells[j].nodeName == 'TD'
  && cells[j].firstChild.nodeValue != ''
  && cells[j].firstChild.nodeValue == now) {
                // 'ffff99' // '#ffd700' // TODAY - red
                rows[i].style.backgroundColor = 'red' 

I need to find a way to smooth the scrollintoview. Right now it 'jumps' to the highlighted row. I need it to smoothly transition to that row. It needs to be done dynamically in replacement of scrollintoview. Any ideas? Thanks.

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There's a jQuery plugin exactly for that

Here's the link to a blog post of mine that describes the whole thing and has link to GitHub project where you can get the plugin.

Animated scrollintoview() jQuery plugin.

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Maybe you don't want to add jQuery just for implementing this feature. elem is the element to be scrolled. The destination pos can be taken from the offsetTop property of the element to be moved into view.

function Scroll_To(elem, pos)
    var y = elem.scrollTop;
    y += (pos - y) * 0.3;
    if (Math.abs(y-pos) < 2)
        elem.scrollTop = pos;
    elem.scrollTop = y;
    setTimeout(Scroll_To, 40, elem, pos);   
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Action was completed in August 2012. Have a look, at faithripple.com/04.htm. Works like a charm! Thanks. –  Ted Lederer Apr 23 '13 at 17:17
I was having an issue with infinite recursion. I fixed it with Math.round( ( pos - y ) * 0.3 ); and Math.abs(y-pos) <= 2 –  b.kelley Jun 18 at 20:45

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