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I would like to display an image on window using OpenCV function. However, anytime that I tried to display image will be fit to the size of display (as show in the example).

If I would like to display an image with difference size of window (for example. window size 1280x960px, and an image is 600x600px at offset coordinate 100x100px) How can I make them?

Sorry that I am beginner of OpenCV and Sorry for my poor English.

Thank you for help. :)

enter image description here

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I'd just make a bigger empty image and place the actual image in there using:

IplImage* smallerImage = cvLoadImage("image.jpg",1)
IplImage* biggerImage = cvCreateImage(cvSize(1280,960),8,3);

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use cvNamedWindow(argument1, argument2)
the 1th argument means "window name", and make the 2th argument to be 1 (#define CV_WINDOW_AUTOSIZE 1) ,it means to fit the image size to the window size.

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Thank you for your answer, but I prefer to display image scaled are not fit to window size like that I show you in the example image. – Mojiiz Alamode Aug 24 '12 at 3:16

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