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how can I get URL for an Article in MediaWiki given the title?

I want to create links to certain pages in the skin template programmatically using PHP right now I am doing this:

<a href="<?php $wgScriptPath ?>/index.php/Page_title">Page title</a>

Which is a bit too wordy, I'd like something

<?php page_link_by_title("Page_title") ?>


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The answer above should work fine except for a minor typo (Text instead of Test).

$title = Title::newFromText("Title");
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Note: Put require("/includes/Title.php") at the top of your file –  bcoughlan Dec 22 '10 at 2:28

Try this

$title = Title::newFromTest("Title");

That should create a new Title Class (svn.wikimedia.org/doc/classTitle.html), and retrieve the Full URL.

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