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I have a default installation of xampp which has php 5.3. I came across an issue while using symfony framework CLI to create database tables. I am using Windows XP. Here is the command I run:

 symfony propel:build-sql 
 Output: Could not perform XLST transformation.Make    sure php has been compiled/configured to support XLST. 

Please guide me through the installation of XLST in windows xp.

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You probably need to enable the XSL extension.

Look for something like the following in your php.ini file


and un-comment it by removing the semi-colon. You may need to check the location of the extension and that it complies with your extension_dir directive.

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i think it is the right answer. – Md. Mahbubur R. Aaman Aug 24 '12 at 3:32

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