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I am writing a File Source filter which has an Video output PIN, the output pin type is H.264 raw format:

HRESULT CVideoOutPin::GetMediaType(CMediaType *pMediaType)
    CAutoLock lock(m_pFilter->pStateLock());

    ZeroMemory(pMediaType, sizeof(CMediaType));

    // {7807c3af-524f-11ce-9f53-0020af0ba770}

    unsigned int * pSize = (unsigned int *) pMediaType->ReallocFormatBuffer(sizeof(unsigned int) * 2);
    pSize[0] = m_pFlvFile->GetWidth();
    pSize[1] = m_pFlvFile->GetHeight();

    pMediaType->SetFormat((BYTE *)pSize, sizeof(unsigned int) * 2);

    //*pMediaType = m_oVideoMediaType;

    return S_OK;

I tried several decompress filter in GraphEdit.exe, and none of them can connect to my output pin.

Is there any DirectShow Filter I can use to complete the graph?

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There is little mystery about well-formed H.264 media types. Build a graph with one of the H.264 files, such as .AVI or .MP4 with GraphEdit and inspect media types there. – Roman R. Aug 24 '12 at 6:08
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MEDIASUBTYPE_h264raw doesn't look like a standard media subtype. You should use MEDIASUBTYPE_AVC1 (no start codes) or MEDIASUBTYPE_H264 (with start codes) instead; see H.264 Media Types. If you use either of those subtypes, a suitable H.264 decoder should be able to connect to your output pin. Windows 7 comes with such an H.264 decoder, and third-party decoders should supply an appropriate input filter.

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Thanks, MEDIASUBTYPE_AVC1, so I just need send each NALU as an individual sample? how about PPS & SPS? should I send them together? together with an IFrame NALU? – Mr.Wang from Next Door Aug 24 '12 at 4:40
Provide PPS and SPS as part of the format (MPEG2VIDEOINFO), in the sequence header data. Again, see the link I posted for more details. You can send each NALU as an individual sample, or put more than one NALU in a media sample. But you cannot let media samples contain partial NALUs under AVC1 subtype. – nneonneo Aug 24 '12 at 4:47
P.S. remember to accept the answer if it is helpful to you. – nneonneo Aug 24 '12 at 4:49
Thanks, I always remember to accept the answer provided by friendly guy like you :) – Mr.Wang from Next Door Aug 24 '12 at 14:19

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