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I have an activity that is using the Theme.Dialog style such that it is a floating window over another activity. However, when I click outside the dialog window (on the background activity), the dialog closes. How can I stop this behaviour?

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Why would you do that btw. IF the behaviour you want is of a dialog, why not use a dialog? Coming to your question, I don't think there's a solution to that. –  Kumar Bibek Aug 24 '12 at 4:19
@KumarBibek dialogs are limited when it comes to layout customizations...that's why an activity. Even the developer docs recommends this approach for a flexible customisation –  Leo Aug 28 '14 at 12:47

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This could help you. It is a way to handle the touch outside event:

How to cancel an Dialog themed like Activity when touched outside the window?

By catching the event and doing nothing, I think you can prevent the closing. But what is strange though, is that the default behavior of your activity dialog should be not to close itself when you touch outside.

(PS: the code uses WindowManager.LayoutParams)

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The object isn't a dialog though, it's an Activity that uses the dialog style. Activity doesn't have this method, and can't be cast to Dialog. –  Fergusmac Aug 24 '12 at 3:47
Ok, sorry I misunderstood, I'll correct my answer soon –  Michel-F. Portzert Aug 24 '12 at 3:49
I edited to add what I found that could help you –  Michel-F. Portzert Aug 24 '12 at 4:23
Which is what he explained with "By catching the event and doing nothing, I think you can prevent the closing". –  metter Oct 17 '13 at 15:23
for some reason, after doing the whole FLAG_NOT_MODAL, WATCH_OUTSIDE_TOUCH, the outside touch does it fact not close the activities, but the button behind the activity is clicked. any idea for that ? –  njzk2 Nov 7 '13 at 21:22
Dialog dialog = new Dialog(context)
dialog.setCanceledOnTouchOutside(true); //use this to dismiss the dialog on outside click of dialog

 dialog.setCanceledOnTouchOutside(false); //use this for not to dismiss the dialog on outside click of dialog.

Watch this link for more details about dialog.

dialog.setCancelable(false);//used to prevent the dismiss of dialog on backpress of that activity

dialog.setCancelable(true);//used to dismiss teh dialog on onbackpressed of that activity
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This will work:


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I use this in onCreate(), seems to work on any version of Android; tested on 5.0 and 4.4.x, can't test on Gingerbread, Samsung devices (Note 1 running GB) have it this way by default:


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You can use dialog.setCanceledOnTouchOutside(true); which will close the dialog if you touch outside of the dialog.

Something like,

  Dialog dialog = new Dialog(context)

Or if your Dialog in non-model then,

1 - Set the flag-FLAG_NOT_TOUCH_MODAL for your dialog's window attribute

Window window = this.getWindow();

2 - Add another flag to windows properties,, FLAG_WATCH_OUTSIDE_TOUCH - this one is for dialog to receive touch event outside its visible region.

3 - Override onTouchEvent() of dialog and check for action type. if the action type is 'MotionEvent.ACTION_OUTSIDE' means, user is interacting outside the dialog region. So in this case, you can dimiss your dialog or decide what you wanted to perform. view plainprint?

public boolean onTouchEvent(MotionEvent event)  

       if(event.getAction() == MotionEvent.ACTION_OUTSIDE){  
        System.out.println("TOuch outside the dialog ******************** ");  
       return false;  
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Use setFinishOnTouchOutside(false) for API > 11 and don't worry because its android's default behavior that activity themed dialog won't get finished on outside touch for API < 11 :) !!Cheerss!!

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For higher API 10, the Dialog disappears when on touched outside, whereas in lower than API 11, the Dialog doesn't disappear. For prevent this, you need to do:

In styles.xml: <item name="android:windowCloseOnTouchOutside">false</item>


In onCreate() method, use: this.setFinishOnTouchOutside(false);

Note: for API 10 and lower, this method doesn't have effect, and is not needed.

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I was facing the same problem. To handle it I set a OntouchListener to the dialog and do nothing inside. But Dialog dismiss when rotating screen too. To fix it I set a variable to tell me if the dialog has normally dismissed. Then I set a OnDismissListener to my dialog and inside I check the variable. If the dialog has dismmiss normally I do nothin, or else I run the dialog again (and setting his state as when dismissing in my case).

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To prevent dismiss dialog box on back key pressed use this


And to To prevent dismiss dialog box on outside touch use this

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This answer is helpful but this question is about activity using Theme.Dialog attribute. –  Paresh Mayani Apr 26 '14 at 8:28
I know when I realize it is too late since it help many people so did not delete it. –  Singhak Apr 28 '14 at 5:09
I know this didn't really pertain to the question, but this helped me. Thanks! –  dennisdrew Oct 14 '14 at 20:53

What worked for me was to create dialogFragment an set it to not be cancelable:


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I had the same issue this morning, the solution was to delete the minsdk declaration from the manifest.

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What you actually have is an Activity (even if it looks like a Dialog), therefore you should call setFinishOnTouchOutside(false) from your activity if you want to keep it open when the background activity is clicked.

EDIT: This only works with android API level 11 or greater

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This doesn't prevent you from pressing "back" button in your activity. So you also need to override onBackPressed() doing nothing in it's body –  Alex Bonel Nov 20 '13 at 13:23
It is not preventing "back" button in that dialog Activity without onBackPressed(). Works perfect with this.setFinishOnTouchOutside(false). –  Kunalxigxag Mar 5 '14 at 9:25
works well thanks –  sunil Jun 6 '14 at 17:34

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