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I want to dump stack when some event happened, so I write a script to init.rc as below. Then I use setprop dump_stack 0 and setprop dump_stack 1 to rigger it,but there is no output in my console?

on property:dump_stack=1
       exec /system/bin/cat /proc/100/stack    # pid = 100

I have add some log in system\core\init\builitins.c, it says the code is work (the retstatus is 0). Even I change the script to "exec /system/bin/cat /proc/100/stack > /data/temp", it still doesn't work. So, Where is the output of init.rc (init process)?

PS. The reason I write the script to init.rc is "Permission". The init process is root, so it can dump the stack of others process.

And, is the syntax correct or not? I write the "exec /system/bin/cat /proc/100/stack" by the Android Init Language in

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Init is writing to the kernel buffer. You can see its output with dmesg. Make sure to ramp up the loglevel in your init.rc file.

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thx for your help – carl Sep 7 '12 at 1:26

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