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Hi as a 6 month corona sdk game developer I wanted to move to something more powerful and also multi platform,for a long run. Cocos 2d-x or Moai?

And just to be in my shoes you have to know,I already know lua(still improving) ,and I am looking for multi platform sdk? so moai would be my choice,but there is so little documentation on it. cocos2d-x the negative part would be I have to learn a new language and ,there is no major book and tutorial on cocos2d-x either. A.Do you think moai sdk is as powerful as cocos2d-x?and if not why?

B.with my new background in game development,I am getting conformable with lua more and more, how can I make myself efficent in moai development ,how can I master its workflow,what are my sources,what do you recommend for learning moai sdk?

C.the other problem I have with learning cocos2d-x is you have to refer back to books that have been written in objective-c,is it possible to learn c++ and just jump into learning cocos2d-x?

and believe me I have spent weeks searching the web and all the internet for these specific answers,so I would appreciate if you share your point of view with me.

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This question will probably be closed, because it's not a very good fit for Stack Overflow's format. But as long as you're here:

If you don't already know C, Objective-C or C++, you're in for a world of hurt. Lua is orders of magnitude simpler. Take a look at hello world for Cocos 2d-x. I've coded in C and C++ for 15+ years, but do almost all my current development in dynamic languages or at least garbage collected languages (Java, C#). I'm just more productive.

MOAI is a very powerful platform, and it's in it's infancy. Several studios have already released games with it, and Double Fine (Tim Schafer) just chose it for their 3+ million dollar Double Fine Adventure (targeting iOS, Android, PC, Mac and Linux). It's open source, so they stuff these studios find lacking they add, and the platform just gets better.

As for learning, check out MOAI's wiki, look at all the sample code, read the forums and/or ask questions on the forums. It's definitely a bit of a learning curve, especially coming from Corona, but far less than learning C++ and Cocos 2D-x.

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if doesn't including the licensing, i guess Maoi is better for him. But Maoi requires to display a screen for at least 2 seconds to show Maoi Logo, which Most Studio don't want. On the other hand, cocos2d-x MIT have more freedom. At least our company choose cocos2d-x other than Maoi. But for a independent developer, I recommend Maoi. – m.ding Aug 24 '12 at 7:01
Thanks,It is my first time here,I make sure I will create better questions in the future. – Bo Dash Aug 24 '12 at 7:29
I was planning to include them in the credits,I read that is enough as well. – Bo Dash Aug 24 '12 at 7:34
Cocos2D-X has scripting support with both Lua and Javascript. – Stephen Belanger Dec 10 '12 at 2:26

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