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I am very new to iPhone development and I am looking to work with the PhoneGap framework to create iPhone apps. I installed Phonegap on Mac OS X Lion. I got this error in the terminal window for ./create <project_folder_path> <bundle_id> <project_name>:

 ./create: No such file or directory

I have searched Google to solve this error, but I can't find any idea from there. Could you please help me solve this issue and run the project? Thanks in advance. Looking forward to your answers.

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You probably need to check your current directory with the pwd command, which is what the . is shorthand for. The create executable sits in the Cordova bin directory, not your project directory.

For example, this site shows the required command line to be (spread across multiple lines for readability):


In other words, create is separate from your project.

The solution is probably to fully specify the path name of create.

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Thanks! Worked for me with PhoneGap 2.5. You just have to make sure the path to Phonegap iOS bin is correct. – Bashevis Mar 18 '13 at 20:16
./path/to/cordova-ios/bin ./create
~/<project_folder_path> <bundle_id> <project_name>
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This works for me :

Download cordova-3.0.0 and put the folder in your document folder. Expand inside.

Create a folder CordovaTestProject inside your document folder.

Then, open the terminal and try :

./Documents/cordova-3.0.0/cordova-ios/bin/create /Users/<username>/Documents/CordovaXY/HelloWorld org.apache.cordova.HelloWorld HelloWorld

replace <username> by your username. You can get it with pwd in terminal. In terminal, type "pwd" and you will get your username

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Make sure that you are inside \phonegap-2.7.0\lib\ios\bin before entering ./create command. Refer the Blog Tutorial for a simple and straight forward explanation of PhoneGap instalation in Mac for iOS and creating a new project.

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