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I need a way of changing the mouse-cursor on a html-page. I know this can be done with css, but I need to be able to change it at runtime, like for instance having buttons on the page, and when they're clicked they change the cursor to a specific custom graphic. I think the best (or only?) way of doing this is through javascript? I hope there's a way of doing this nicely that will work on all of the major browsers. I would be very grateful if someone could help me with this.

Thanks in advance

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Thanks for the replies. I finally got it working. Here's how I did it:

	<script type="text/javascript">
		function changeToCursor1(){"url('cursor1.ani'),url('cursor1.cur'), default";
		function changeToCursor2(){"url('cursor2.ani'),url('cursor2.cur'), default";


		<input type="button" value="Change to cursor 1" onclick="changeToCursor1()" /><br>
		<input type="button" value="Change to cursor 2" onclick="changeToCursor2()" />

I found out that to get it to work in Firefox you must pass at least 2 choices of cursors, e.g. cursor="url('cursor1.cur'), default" Or else it wont work. Also, in Firefox it doesn't work with ani-cursors, only cur. Which is why I've put a cur after ani. The ani will show up in IE, the cur in Firefox.

Does anyone know if it's possible to change the cursor in IE without the active-X warning showing up and the user having to accept?

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Theres an example at the bottom.

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It's easy if you want to do this on Links only. There you have some CSS like this:

a:hover { cursor: crosshair; } #this is when you mouseover the link
a:active { cursor: wait; } #this is the moment you click it

Since :active won't work for other Elements than a, you may want to use the Javascript stated by Prestaul and scunliffe.

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Using JQuery:

    $(this).css('cursor', 'url(/url/to/cursor/image)');
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//you can set all the normal cursors like this = 'progress';

What is the special cursor you want?... maybe there is a better option.

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// Get the element you want to change the cursor for
var el = document.getElementById('yourID');

// This image url is relative to the page url"url(pathToImage.png)";
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