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I have a text file in the same folder as my matlab code called matlab.in, its contents are

training_set = [1 2 3; 4 5 6]

How do I read this matrix into a variable called training_set?

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Your text file contains an executable Matlab statement. You could, probably even should, rename it to something like training_set.m (the .m suffix is important) and simply 'read' it from the command line by executing it. On my machine the 'command'

>> training_set

generates the response

training_set =

     1     2     3
     4     5     6

and, hey presto, the variable training_set is now safely ensconced in your workspace.

Now congratulate yourself for having written your first (?) Matlab script, reward yourself with a visit to the documentation to review this important topic.

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First, open it using fopen(...):

fid = fopen('matlab.in');

Second, read the line from the file and close the file again, since you don't need it anymore:

content = fgetl(fid);

Third, evaluate the string read from the file:


If you wanted to suppress the output, you might either want to add a semicolon at the end of the text file or instead use:

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