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I'm relatively new to the CRM SDK, and I'm trying to write a plugin to alter From/CC fields of an email on Create. It seems when this is registered in Pre-operation, the ActivityParty collection cannot be modified(though things like subject and body can be modified), and this post recommended setting the pipeline stage to Pre-validation.

When I do this the plugin no longer gets triggered. I know this because when remote debugging, breakpoints are only hit when pre-operation is selected. Also, when not remote debugging, none of the other changes get implemented in the plugin code.

Does anyone know what might be preventing this plugin from executing?

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When you register plugin on Create message fields To, CC, BCC will be empty. Try register on DeliverIncoming / DeliverPromote messages

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I have played around with DeliverIncoming, but it only allows me to create/delete email addresses - I'm trying to add/remove ActivityParty objects. The issue I have is that several contacts have the same email address, and when one contact sends an email, CRM links to all contacts. I want to remove some of the contacts linked to the email based on some business rules. –  Jordan Aug 26 '12 at 3:14

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