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I am looking for a way in which all the errors will be logged automatically with one line of code. If you know Asp.NET, you probably know what I mean like using Application_Error event handler.

I checked PHP Logging framework? question in SO but they all look same, you should log each and every log message manually which means I need to call the log function everywhere I want to log.

What I am looking for not something like this (which is used by KLogger)

require_once 'KLogger.php';
$log = new KLogger ( "log.txt" , KLogger::DEBUG );

// Do database work that throws an exception
$log->LogError("An exception was thrown in ThisFunction()");

// Print out some information
$log->LogInfo("Internal Query Time: $time_ms milliseconds");

// Print out the value of some variables
$log->LogDebug("User Count: $User_Count");
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You can create your own custom error handler function in PHP and set it as the error handler

something like:

function handle_error($error_level,$error_message)
    here do what you want...typically log it into db/file/send out 
    emails based on error level etc..

and to set this function as your default error handler for PHP add this line:


All errors will now be handled by PHP based on what is written inside handle_error

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I didn't know there was a function called set_error_handler. Thanks for the tip! +1 – Tarik Aug 24 '12 at 5:19

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