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I've got a asp:TextBox that is populated from a javascript function, but when this happens the server side TextChanged event is not fired, only when I change the text with my keyboard.

Is there a solution for this? Why is client/server integration so painful in asp.net?

(AutoPostBack is set to true)

Thank you

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Way 1:

function DoPostBack()
   __doPostBack("txt_sssn_dt", "TextChanged");

Calling ASP.NET server-side events using JavaScript

Way 2:

Calling Server Side function from Client Side Script

Way 3:

one of the way to set focus lost like this

function texboxchange() {
        var txtBox = document.getElementById('<%= TextBox4.ClientID %>');
        var count = txtBox.value.length;
        if (count == 2) 
           document.getElementById('<%= TextBox12.ClientID %>').focus();
           return true; // this will call textbox changed event.
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you can force it firing using __doPostBack('footxtBox','TextChanged'); in your JS function.

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Thank you, valid answer also, I chose Pranay Rana as it's more complete, but I'll use _doPostBack. Thanks –  K. Weber Aug 24 '12 at 6:08

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