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I am using Core Text (for text bleed/wrap effect). Since the body of the UIView has to grow with the text and images put onto the view, I want my UIView to adjust its height accordingly.

I tried sizeToFit (on my UIView) to adjust its height according to its contents. However, the UIView doesn't increase its height, although it can decrease it alright.

This is how my hierarchy of the UIView looks like:


[UIImageView] (can be 0 or many)

How could I make my UIView adjust its height according to the contents it has?

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As you will shortly find, writing your own custom view to handle this sort of thing is a terrible idea. Then you will use UIScrollView. Once you do this, you can simply call setContentSize and everything will work out very well for you. – SethHB Aug 24 '12 at 6:45
Thanks for the response. There are 2 issues with the solution though. 1->How do I dynamically grow the UIScrollView? 2->Can I call setNeedsDisplay (on ScrollView) more frequently (because the text on the scrollview will not move as quick as the UIImageViews)? – Sufian Aug 25 '12 at 9:51
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I am putting the text in a UITextView and then displaying it in the UIView (using CoreText), so I basically set the height of my UIView as:

(height of textview) + (height of images)

Although it isn't an elegant solution but atleast it works alright.

PS: a better solution might be to add a right proportion of height and width (since the text wraps around the image).

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