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I wanted to know if Apache Camel can be used as a load balancer for any HTTP web server.

I am thinking of Apache as I can add some customization to it.

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Yes you can use camel for that. Something like this might do it for you (in a route builder):


You can check out more load balancing options here:

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Since you want to load balance HTTP, then see this page as well, as you would need to configure the http endpoints to be bridged:

And as well the matchOnUriPrefix=true, to match any requests coming in. And if you use jetty on all the endpoints it can scale up, using non-blocking continuations.

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Yeah of course you can use camel as a Load balancer. I have so far used it very successfully. Have a look at this discussion Load balancing using camel. This will be useful to get started. Have fun riding on Camel!

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