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In testng.xml, I have included couple of test classes for grouping. Inside Test Classes I pass some parameters and group name:

@Parameters({"excelName", "excelTabName"})
public void setup(){/*Setup code here*/}

public void searchUser() {/*Test code here*/}

If I disable all the test class names apart from one which I would like to run, I use maven command like mvn -Dgroup=groupName test. It fires up the test class which is not commented in testng.xml

I would like to keep all those test classes enabled in testng.xml and still would like to run only one test when required. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

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Looks like all you need, is to specify which methods to execute when running

<test name="MyTest">
    <class name="TestClass">
        <include name="searchUser" />

This will load only the test method searchUser() for execution.

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