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When I type large ActiveRecord queries,Before finishing the query, the line is breaking and I can't even reading or typing the command properly.I am using ubuntu.Any solution?

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A more generic way is using a \ at the end of your line.

Using the same example of "Kenny Grant"

ruby> User.very.long.chain.of.arel.commands. \
      where('thing = ?', 4).very.long.chain.of.arel.commands

the last line should not have any ending \ and then the whole command will be executed.

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Finally narrowed the issue to be with resizing the terminal.Usually I maximize the terminal for typing large commands , hence the problem. Found out that this can be solved by handling the SIGWINCH signal to resize IRB.In the solution below i am also resizing Hirb.

Add the following lines to ~/.irbrc (create one if it doesn't exist) :

Signal.trap('SIGWINCH', proc { y, x = `stty size`.split.map(&:to_i); Hirb::View.resize(x, y) if defined? Hirb } )
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I've noticed the same bug with irb, rails console uses irb by default. That's why I'm using pry, look here how to setup pry with rails.

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If your query is like this:

rails c
ruby> User.very.long.chain.of.arel.commands.where('thing = ?',4).very.long.chain.of.arel.commands

You should be able to do this:

ruby> User.very.long.chain.of.arel.commands.where('thing = ?',

and split it on any commas within the conditions, then when you press return at the end it will execute.

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