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i'm trying to use a function from a python script and store it to a variable in a shell script from another directory,here's the visual representation of the directories:


here's the code of the

    import ConfigParser

    def getval(section, key):
    config = ConfigParser.RawConfigParser()"sample.config")
    return config.get(section, key)

and here is some part of the


    Path = $(python -c 'import imp; lp = imp.load.source('sample', 'path/to/'), print lp.getval('section_1', 'key_1')')

    some code.......

    echo $Path

my problem was i don't get any value of the Path,i think i have mistake on how will i call the python script function,i don't know what part is that. can anyone help me. thanks in advance.

i combined the idea of EOL from this question Calling a Python function from a shell script and the idea of Sebastian Rittau from this question How to import a module given the full path?.

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i'm sorry but i'm not familiar with shell script that's why i'm asking,sorry again. – obutsu Aug 24 '12 at 8:07

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Path=$(python -c 'import imp; lp = imp.load.source("sample", "path/to/"); print lp.getval("section_1", "key_1")')
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