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What is the meaning of the code below? Especially the line $path = $path . "$sub";.

$sub = ($_GET['dir']);
$path = "path/to/folder";
$path = $path . "$sub";
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Are you a programmer? –  zerkms Aug 24 '12 at 8:05
Start by reading the php online manual - uk.php.net/manual/en/language.operators.php - particularly the section marked operators –  Mark Baker Aug 24 '12 at 8:07
If you wanna be developer you need to read manuals. Try to find answer yourself. Just google "php introduction" –  ruX Aug 24 '12 at 8:07
In all fairness, while this may seem trivial to some I would have though that this is a perfectly acceptable question. interesting eyy has come across something that has confused him, its a fairly specific instance which could easily be confusing to read in the manual or even tutorials where as an explanation from someone regarding this specific instance might be the only thing that actually helps him understand it. I thought Stackoverflow was for Q&A not an exclusive club for the elite and pro. –  JohnDevelops Aug 24 '12 at 8:17
I'm just confused with the ` "$sub" ` I am sorry if some of you guys think that this is a silly question.. anyway I have got the answer .. thanks for all the help :) –  interesting eyy Aug 24 '12 at 8:39

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Basically the double variable can be confusing at times but what is happening is actually fairly simple:

First, the script is getting the value of the GET variable, presumably the address to the page is something?dir=something.

Then a directory path is being set.

And finally the two are being combined.

The double variable is just re-using itself,

$path = $path . "$sub"; translates to

$path = "path/to/folder$_GET['dir']";

An ever so slightly cleaner version could be done as so (I am no PHP expert):

$sub = $_GET['dir']; // Should be escaped and cleaned.
$path = "path/to/folder/"; // Trailing slash should be included I believe but I could be wrong.
$path = $path . $sub;
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Since you are confused with "$sub" let me explain. When you use " it does not escape PHP special characters. This is useful since you can do:

"Hey I am {$username}";

And it would work making your live as a dev easier instead of doing:

"Hey I am ".$username;

In the example provided it is kinda useless and doesn't really do anything of use. Be careful that ' will not act the same and PHPs special chars will be escaped in it.

Apparently this behaviour is one of the reasons why some people hate PHP...

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That is variable overwriting. Programmers use that style to reuse same variables.

$sub = ($_GET['dir']);  // $sub will get the value of GET dir
$path = "path/to/folder"; // $path will be the path on host
$path = $path . "$sub"; // new $path will be the $path above it and the value of $sub concatenated 
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With $sub you take some kind of dir and it comes via GET method. Let's for example say that the value of $sub is /my_dirctory. With the period (dot) you concatenate. So when

$path = $path . "$sub";

is executed you will get the concatenation of $path and $sub - in your example you will get path/to/folder/my_directory.

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It's a string concatenation.

$path = $path. "$sub"; works the same like this,

$a = "hello";
$b = " world";
$a = $a . $b;
echo $a;         // outputs hello world
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$sub = $_GET['dir']; // $sub variable getting value of Request (GET) - index.php?dir=TEST $sub will be TEST
$path = "path/to/folder"; //$path variable = path to folder for examle htdocs/www/folder
$path = $path . "$sub"; // it will add $sub at the end of the first $path variable - but it should be $path = $path."/".$sub; 
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