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Well I am stuck on a problem, where I need to write a set of data file in row major order. The data are 3D concentration points so to say in x, y and z and they are all computed into: Pac = [Pac[0], Pac[1], Pac[2]]

So I tried to do the following To read these data in row major order:

fp = open('pac_data.dat' , 'w')
for iz in range(pac.shape[2]):
    for iy in range(pac.shape[1]):
        for ix in range(pac.shape[0]):

Obviousely from the data result that this is not the answer. Any help Would be Appreciated

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Could you give a (small) example of 1) your input array (i.e., real data, not the Pac = [Pac[0], Pac[1], Pac[2]] you wrote; that's even confusingly recursive); 2) your actual output, and 3) your expected output? That should help showing us where you want to go –  Evert Aug 24 '12 at 11:31

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Actually what stated above works... if you have data in x, y, and z this works if one wants to arrange the data in row major order

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