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In my app i am sending multiple sms at one time which working perfectly fine. But when i am trying to receive confirmation messages in Broadcast Receiver i am expecting to get all numbers but i end up in receiving same one number instead of n numbers.

To send SMS

Intent intent = new Intent(SENT);
intent.putExtra("phonenumber", sms_phonenumber);
PendingIntent sentPI = PendingIntent.getBroadcast(this, 0, intent, PendingIntent.FLAG_UPDATE_CURRENT);
SmsManager sms_man = SmsManager.getDefault();
sms_man.sendTextMessage(sms_phonenumber, null, sms_message, sentPI, null);

To Receive Sent Confirmation

private class SMSReceiver extends BroadcastReceiver {
    public void onReceive(Context arg0, Intent intent) {

        switch (getResultCode()) {
        case Activity.RESULT_OK: 
            String phoneNumber = intent.getExtras()

            alertMessage("Request sent to " + phoneNumber + ".");


            String phoneNumber1 = intent.getExtras().getString(

            alertMessage("Sending Failed to " + phoneNumber1 + ".");


        case SmsManager.RESULT_ERROR_NO_SERVICE:
            String phone = intent.getExtras().getString(

            alertMessage("No service");


        case SmsManager.RESULT_ERROR_NULL_PDU:
            alertMessage("Null PDU");
            Toast.makeText(getBaseContext(), "Null PDU", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT)

        case SmsManager.RESULT_ERROR_RADIO_OFF:
            alertMessage("Radio off");

I am searched a lot in Google and SO but none of them solves my issue.

Thanks for your help.

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Try to Pending intent with all time with Unique id for Set Pending intent

PendingIntent pendingintent = PendingIntent.getService(this, uId, mIntent, PendingIntent.FLAG_ONE_SHOT);

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Sorry i couldn't get your answer.. –  Vino Aug 24 '12 at 8:48
please see again –  Ankit Makwana Aug 24 '12 at 8:51
pass all time uid different ? –  Ankit Makwana Aug 24 '12 at 8:58
superb.. Thats working like charm.. Thanks +1 –  Vino Aug 24 '12 at 9:06

Try to send messages one after the other. Send one message...then from the on receive method, send the next message.

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Thanks for your answer.. I am sending more than two sms and also getting list of phonenumber from database.. Does it work –  Vino Aug 24 '12 at 8:38
Yes..you can continue the same method until message to all contacts has be sent. –  Eldhose M Babu Aug 24 '12 at 9:14

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