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I've following models


has_many :comments


belongs_to :post

and a controller called pages with following code in it.

def home
    @posts = Post.includes(:comments)
    respond_to do |format|

So say if I've 3 posts P1, P2, P3; initially rendered in same order on home page. Later if P2 gets commented and I refresh the page the order should be P2, P1, P3. So whenever a post gets commented it should appear on top. All the posts should be sorted in descending order of time they get commented. How can I achieve this?

My attempt - What I tried is very inefficient and definitely not a good practice. I get unique post_ids from comments in descending order and using the post_ids get the posts.

I'm sure rails provides best way to do it. Help highly appreciated. Thanks.

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Try this,

@posts = Post.includes(:comments).order("comments.created_at desc")
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was it that simple? kool... :) thanks Pradeep :D –  Bongs Aug 24 '12 at 10:21

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