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i have grid and print icon..if i click print icon i should print the grid.but grid lines are not showing in the printout.

What should i do?

Here is my code

<div style="float: right" id="hide_div"><a href="javascript:void(0)" onclick="printPage('pnlMainHeader','div_print');"><img src="<?=$this->baseUrl('/images/icons/small/print.png')?>" title="Print" alt="Print" /></a></div>
<div class="clear10"></div>
<div class="pnlMainHeader" id="pnlMainHeader" style="display: none; ">
    //some xyz code
<div class="clear10"></div>
<div id="div_print">
    //grid code

and onclick printPage code in .js file

function printPage(printpage1, printpage2)
var hideDiv = document.getElementById('hide_div')
hideDiv.style.display = 'none';

var headstr = "<html><head><title></title></head><body>";
var footstr = "</body>";
var newstr1 = document.getElementById(printpage1).innerHTML;
var newstr2 = document.getElementById(printpage2).innerHTML;    
var oldstr = document.body.innerHTML;
document.body.innerHTML = headstr+newstr1+newstr2+footstr;
document.body.innerHTML = oldstr;
return false;

please help me..

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Any chance you could show the css for clear10? Might be something funky in that. –  Fluffeh Aug 24 '12 at 8:42
Hi Fluffeh,,thanks for ur responce here is the css code .clear10 { clear: both; visibility: hidden; height: 10px; } –  kiran Aug 24 '12 at 8:44

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What if you were to add another css file to the header that will force the borders to print? Something like this...

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="print.css" media="print" />

Then inside the file, you can use that class or selector with something like this:

.gridClass /*(or "td" or whatever it is called)*/ { border:1px solid #000;}

Whatever is named in the print.css will only appear when printed because you specify the medium. I hope that helps.

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