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Does anyone know of a handy master reference list of all the various CSS properties available for skinning Flex?

Basically a single reference of all the style properties and their definitions and usage examples in skinning.

Stuff like

close-button-up-skin:   Embed("assets/buttons/close.png");
close-button-over-skin: Embed("assets/buttons/close1.png");
close-button-down-skin: Embed("assets/buttons/close2.png");

and not so obvious properties like

separator-skin:      Embed("assets/general/separator.png");
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This is the most extensive list of Flex 3 Styles that I have ever seen consolidated in one place. The docs have them all, of course, but they are scattered and livedocs is sometimes less than fun to sift through.

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The styles vary based on the component you're looking to skin. The reference docs have a full list of styles for each component:


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