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I am using ORMlite 4.41 for Android in Eclipse. Can't seem to get the javadoc to work in Eclipse. I am using the following to ORMlite jars:

  • ormlite-android-4.41.jar
  • ormlite-core-4.41.jar

I have downloaded the corresponding javadoc jars, and imported them into a "javadoc" folder in the root directory of my project.

  • ormlite-android-4.41-javadoc.jar
  • ormlite-core-4.41-javadoc.jar

Using "Build Path" --> "Libraries", I correctly set the Javadoc location for both jars to the workspace instance of the appropriate jar. I even used "validate" and Eclipse says it looks valid.

I have cleaned and rebuilt my project, and started eclipse new, but whenever I hover over ORMlite ojects in code, I still get "This element neither attached source nor attached Javadoc and hence no Javadoc could be found."

What am I doing wrong?

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I have also tried specifying the ormlite online javadoc, which also "validates", but again, Eclipse does not recognize it. –  user1598337 Aug 24 '12 at 8:43

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try this question

in your project add a folder libs and copy required ormlite libraries in that folder

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You have to tell your ormlite jar-file, where its javadoc is.

You can do this like shown in the picture below:

  • In your package explorer: right click on the ormlite-core-x.xx.jar
  • Select "Properties"
  • Go to the "Javadoc Location" tab
  • Enter the Location of your ormlite-core-x.xx-javadoc.jar
  • Click [OK] -> done, you should now see the javadoc on hovering

Screenshot of the necessary properties settings

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