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I previously used mathjax to generate math on a website. It was not possible for me to style mathjax, which made the design awful (website had one font, and mathjax came with another font (stix).

Is JQ Math a good alternative?, and it is possible to style the output from jqmath to match the font that i use on the website?

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Just use normal CSS to override any rules in jqmath-0.2.0.css after loading that file, e.g.:

math, fmath, .fm-math, fmath mo, .fm-mo, .ma-sans-serif
    { font-family: McLaren, 'Cantora One', sans-serif }

See How to left align elements in a jqmath table and jqMath highlight box like bbox in MathJax/MathJs for more jqMath CSS examples and information.

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