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Does anyone know how to convert Hex(00) to display Null in wordpad using Unix Shell Scripting.

I have an output file which is a text file and through unix I need to convert a hex value 00 to display like a box (null) in Word pad on a particular line.

Currently by using the following code I am not getting anything in my output file:

hexchar="00" octchar=$(echo "ibase=16;obase=8;$hexchar"|bc) hex1=$(echo "\0$octchar")

Please help!!!

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ok, so can you tell us what's your actual problem? why do you need to do that? –  ghostdog74 Jul 31 '09 at 4:16
Are you working on Cygwin to get Wordpad and the Unix shell together? –  nik Jul 31 '09 at 4:25

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Here is one reference that might be useful.

Need to grep for null Characters in an acsii file.

The following will remove all the null characters,

tr -d "\000" < input.txt > output.txt

And, this will replace it with the X character -- take your pick,

tr "\000" "X" < input.txt > output.txt
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I think it will not run. This test proves it: if you open an empty wordpad, enter only that one character: 1 (one). Then (then) press Alt+x and you will see that box. You can type hex numbers until utf-16 (or so), but if you enter a 0 instead of the 1, you will get 30, the ansi value of 0. Maybe that hex 0 was avoided because of any ambiguity in the os file system or so. But hex 0 can not be displayed (even not as a box).

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