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I'd like to change the default selection template on ListView items. By default a 3 pixel wide gray border is applied to the currently selected item(s):

enter image description here

I did find in ui.js is that internally the _selectionTemplate property is set to the default border:

var selectionBorder = createNodeWithClass(WinJS.UI._selectionBorderContainerClass);
selectionBorder.appendChild(createNodeWithClass(WinJS.UI._selectionBorderClass + " " + WinJS.UI._selectionBorderTopClass));
selectionBorder.appendChild(createNodeWithClass(WinJS.UI._selectionBorderClass + " " + WinJS.UI._selectionBorderRightClass));
selectionBorder.appendChild(createNodeWithClass(WinJS.UI._selectionBorderClass + " " + WinJS.UI._selectionBorderBottomClass));
selectionBorder.appendChild(createNodeWithClass(WinJS.UI._selectionBorderClass + " " + WinJS.UI._selectionBorderLeftClass));

this._selectionTemplate = [];
var checkmark = createNodeWithClass(WinJS.UI._selectionCheckmarkClass);
checkmark.innerText = WinJS.UI._SELECTION_CHECKMARK;

However as _selectionTemplate is meant to be private it would seem to go against ListView design to modify the _selectionTemplate property itself. Is there a better workaround for modifying this default selection template?

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Its the CSS class that's it's adding that you need to override; you can then add your own CSS class to set the widths that you want to set. – Dominic Hopton Aug 24 '12 at 15:34
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Override the CSS class used by the default template. For example this will change the border to red:

.win-listview .win-container:hover{
    outline: rgba(255, 0, 0, 0.3) solid 3px;
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Wish I could vote this answer up more than once! – Arnab Chakraborty Feb 6 '13 at 12:08

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